In an attempt to make more sense of his current bi-coastal life, Kirk Stoller has put together the c2c project space.

How has he come to live his life on two coasts of the United States? Instead of leaving SF and moving onto a new life in NYC he finds himself in both places while not in either one. This allows him to get out of each and gain a perspective that he might not be able to if he was ensconced solely into one or the other. With this project space he is hoping to bridge the two and bring them closer together in some way; finding common artistic ground while noticing the differences as well.

For each show, c2c will invite an artist from NYC to come to San Francisco and pair him/her with a Bay Area artist to see what the duo creates. The project will provide a unique space that will focus on similar and contrasting approaches in their work, allowing  ideas from the two coasts to merge and collide.

Hours: Sundays from Noon - 5PM or by appointment