C2c project space is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition, project 12.  For this show we are expanding the scope of the geographically based conceptual underpinning that is the foundation of our mission statement by casting a third artist, hailing from Chicago, into our usual format, which focuses on pairing a Bay Area artist with one from NYC.  This triangulated dialog will feature Bay Area artist Drew Bennett, NYC artist Christopher K Ho, and Chicago artist Anna Kunz. The three will work together and independently to directly confront architectural aspects of the c2c(2c;) space, while acknowledging and referencing its dual functionality as both gallery and home. This push upon spatial and contextual boundaries is a collective extension of the trio’s individual practices, which have never been confined to simple object making. Instead, theirs has been the creation of work that visually captures the interconnectedness of the universe, and highlights the commonalities that we share as a species. We look forward to experiencing and sharing their treatment of our space.

There will be an opening reception on Saturday, January 7, 2017 from 6-9pm. The show will run through Sunday, February 5 with regular gallery hours on Sundays from Noon – 5pm or by appointment.