For out 6th exhibition c2c project space is pleased to feature an installation of works by Matthew Neil Gehring and David Fought. These two artists’ outputs share many complimentary characteristics with one another, even more, perhaps, than many of the pairings we have arranged for previous shows. Both artists seem to focus on formal qualities, and utilize similar lines and mass within their work that indicate a likeminded interest in exploring abstracted space and form. There is also a playfulness in the language of each artist, and a certain poetic nature to the sum of their gestures. Because of this, a certain harmony is achieved.

These artists also share just enough contrasting aspects to avoid cheerleading and allow for a meaningful dialog. Mathew’s work tends to feature one or more vibrant hues, while David’s palette is consistently restrained. From a physical perspective, these works inhabit different planes, with Gehring’s presented in two dimensions, while Fought’s sculptures are realized in three. Furthermore, the surfaces and graphic nature of Matthew’s work seem to reference the immediate moment, while David’s patinas feel like they subtly hint at its passing.

This touch of dysfunction between their respective outputs combines with their deeper consistencies to create an interesting and meaningful dynamic for the show. Together their work seems to act to remind the viewer of the paradoxical importance of both appreciating the banal, and searching for the exquisite, of living for today, and as though one is immortal.

An opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 18 from 6-9pm. The show dates are April 18 – May 17. Both artists will be present at the opening reception.