c2c Project Space is pleased to announce our 8th exhibition, which pairs San Francisco based artist Gregory Kaplowitz with New York City based artist Raphael Zollinger.  These two artists share a mutual use of photography, with Gregory using a cyanotype process and Raphael using a pigment process. 

Physically, however, their work diverges substantially from this initial point of relationship. Gregory’s work indulges in a richness of texture, with the incorporation of a variety of woven materials into elaborated “canvases”, which are stretched in a rectangular and traditional fashion.  By doing this, and with such a focus on surface, he encourages them to meander towards the realm of painting.  Raphael applies his images on a range of materials, from sheets of aluminum to rag paper.   These “photographs” are then handled in a variety of ways that include bending and crumpling, with varied presentation that sometimes depends on scaffold like constructions of thin metal beams.  The effect of form being a dominant aspect of his compositional focus causes a shift from the work being image based to sculptural.

Diving down below physicality we find deeper conceptual concerns that reestablish a correlation between the output of these two artists.  Both Zollinger and Kaplowitz use memory as the starting point of a personal rummaging for content that leads into a process of abstracting selections in a way that questions memory’s place in what has become our image oriented contemporary society. The result is that both artists, through their work, provoke us to consider memory’s role as a means of contextualization for the sake of comprehension, and whether or not form and presentation can alter one’s interpretation of recalled stimulus. 

Their installation will open on Saturday, Sept. 19 with a reception from 6-9pm. Both artists will be present. The show continues through Oct. 18 with regular gallery hours on Sundays, from Noon - 5pm.