c2c’s fourth exhibition features a pairing of work by Bay Area artist Seth Koen and NYC based artist Gary Petersen.  Though superficially disparate, the working mode of these two artists transcends medium and finds commonality in certain gestures that indicate similarity in the way they both see and represent the world.  For example, a curve of whittled wood from one of Seth’s pieces finds relationship to a curved line painted on one of Gary’s canvases, which include muted forms that mirror the almost colorlessness of Koen’s work.  By facilitating the opportunity for both artists to work together and exhibit in the same space, c2c hopes to create an opportunity for each artist’s work to further activate that of the other and mutually amplify the truths that are realized in their practices.

Opening reception: Saturday, October 4 from 6 - 9pm.

Show dates: October 4 - November 2, 2014