In the first iteration of c2c project space, we have brought together two artists from whom we are curious to see what they produce. The main connection between the work of NYC based artist, Vince Contarino and San Francisco based artist, Zach Scholz is their approach to material. They each delve into the actual properties of the materials they use and allow them to dictate their response to the more formal aspects that their work ultimately contains…ie. space, form, etc. This is not an obvious point if you consider that Vince creates in acrylic paints and Zach builds work using found materials as source, subject, or inspiration. Each gives themselves set parameters and then, intuitively, lets the material “fall into place”; almost seemly allowing the material, using specific gestures, to be what they inherently were intended to be from the start.

C2c project space comes with its own set of parameters where the two artist have a week to install each of their work in what we know will be a thought provoking yet beautiful show.

Opening Reception: 19 October 2013, 7-9PM